Water Car

After the “Oil Crisis” of the 1970s many inventors and tinkerers set out to find a way to make a car that would run on water as a way to empower our nation and free us from being at the mercy of oil producing nations. Many of those nations being very unstable and dangerous painted a picture of our future that was not pretty. Defending our dependence on oil would cost us dearly. Other inventors were motivated purely by economic gain. None the less for many years some obscure inventors have been working on the “water car.”The most daunting problem facing these inventors and would-be inventors was not the technology itself as many might imagine, but rather the enormous task of getting an invention funded, through the testing and prototype phases and finally to mass production. Investors have been less than enthusiastic to pour the millions into projects with the price of oil being so cheap. Competing against the auto industry did not bring up visions of a level playing field for the investors or the inventors. And we the general public weren’t exactly asking for any “alternatives” to our gas guzzlers. The expectation that an investor might see a return on his millions was low considering  the high cost of production and infrastructure compounded by a low public demand resulting in little to  no advancement in water cars.As you will see in the videos and the links below the water car does indeed exist. You will not find any mass produced versions in 2009, yet there is hope for the future. When gasoline was over $4.00 a gallon in 2008 many voices were heard clamoring for an alternative to the combustion engine. As the prices slid back down (temporarily in my opinion) the voices quieted too. Without the demand there has been little progress toward mass production. Yet as prices rise again we complain and expect instant alternatives. Solutions cannot be conjured up overnight. It will take years (10 to 20) of all out effort to get production up and running.We, the masses, the users, the drivers, are contributing to the lack of progress toward more efficient and alternative vehicles through our purchasing power. We are supporting the 100 year old combustion engine that has had little to no progress in its technology during an era where computer technology becomes obsolete every 10 months or less. Why? Because oil is cheap!

Before we need the solution is the time to start tooling up for the solution. The oil barrel is sounding hollow when we tap on it. As production rates continue to fall and demand keeps rising exponentially we will not be able to afford to burn this precious resource in our wasteful combustion engines. Now it the time to begin the transition; scratch that 10 years ago was the time to begin the transition.

In the Philippines cars being driven powered with 100% sea water


Water fueled car from Australia


Fox News – a car that runs on water

Stan Meyers – water powered dune buggy
Stan Meyers
Japanese company unveils a water fueled car

This Japanese water car is simply taking the system of a Fuel Cell Hydrogen
car, and replacing the pressurized hydrogen tank with an on-demand hydrogen
source generated from 100% water. It is very simple. And at the same time,
one of the greatest problems of the Fuel Cell system was eliminated, (the
highly explosive pressurized hydrogen tank) making this Japanese car one of
the safest cars ever invented.
Arizona Central – hydrogen cars rolled out for a test drive
Jack Nicholson’s Hydrogen car from the 70s

Daniel Dingle Water Car

Dave’s Water Car – UK
Herman P Anderson’s Hydrogen Car
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