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In 1714 in the remote Indian village of Secotan, a mysterious substance known as “pocosin” is transformed by the village shaman to create light. His beautiful daughter Selu crosses cultural boundaries and engages in an unlikely romance with a colonial leader of the nearby Bath Colony.

Almost three hundred years later, the world is struggling to feed its growing addiction to oil. Kurt Benjamin, Director of Alternative Energy Research for a major oil company, breaks into an encrypted computer file and uncovers a dark company secret. He is soon recruited by Sarah Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer of the Dutch Phosphate Corporation, to lead a bold energy research project.

Realizing that their success will likely cost the world’s major oil companies billions in lost profits, Sarah and Kurt take extraordinary measures to keep their project covert. In spite of their efforts, they find themselves battling unknown enemies who learn of their discoveries. This fast- paced mystery adventure transports you to the board rooms of Wall Street, to Houston, Texas and the hub of the US oil industry, to a clandestine research facility in the coastal regions of North Carolina, to the deserts of the Middle East, and finally to a tiny island in Belize in a quest to find alternative energy. Engage in this timely adventure that raises critical issues of oil- based energy shortages and viable future alternatives.

Join this unlikely combination of individuals, cultures and corporations on their quest to find an alternative source of energy to oil.


Check back for the release date of the sequal.

Terry Lynn Karl, Professor of Political Science, Standford University –
” We’re moving from an era of cheap abundant energy to an era of
scarce hard to get expensive energy.”

Matt Simmons – Energy Investment Banker
“It’s all non-renewable. It’s all extremely capital intensive. And
it’s probably the most invaluable natural resource we’ve ever

Matthew David Savinar – Attorney, Founder of LifeAfterTheOilCrash.com –
“Oil is our God. I don’t care if somebody says they worship Jesus,
Buddah, Allah, whoever. They actually worship petroleum.”

Professor David Goodstein, California Institute of Technology
“The demand is so huge there is nothing we can imagine to replace
oil in those quantities.”


Henry Gorham Author of Secotan Copyright © 2009 Henry Gorham www.henrygorham.com