Henry W. Gorham

Henry Gorham grew up in the small town of Rocky Mount in the coastal plain region of eastern North
Carolina. Much of the book is set in the coastal waters of the region that he came to know and love as a child.

His mother, Helen, being a school teacher, would take Henry and his two older brothers to the family’s cottage on the Pamlico River for most of their long summer breaks. There, he learned to sail on the wide expanse of the Pamlico. In exploring the surrounding waters and maritime woodlands, Henry would occasionally find the charred remnants of Indian pottery used centuries before by the area’s native tribes. It is here that the seeds for the book were probably planted.

He is a graduate of East Carolina University and the Wake Forest University School of Law. After serving as a Judge Advocate in the United States Air Force, he returned to North Carolina to practice law.

At present, he is a senior partner in the Martindale Hubbell AV-rated law firm of Teague Campbell Dennis
and Gorham. They are a group of 40 lawyers who specialize in a variety of civil litigation practices and handle cases throughout the state of North Carolina.

Henry’s hope is that his novel, Secotan, and its sequel will in an entertaining manner raise the awareness of its readers concerning the looming worldwide shortage of oil and the potentially dire repercussions to our way of life as a result. His intent is to create a fast-moving easy read that will appeal to readers from a wide range of demographics.

The book is a timely reminder to the reader of how dependent our world is on oil. The dependence is not simply limited to fuel for combustion engines, but includes toothbrushes, windows, furniture, toys and everything else we use in our day-to-day lives that has a petroleum base (see Oil is Used For). With the escalation of the price of oil, so goes the price of all of these products and even our food as well.

He and his wife, Kathryn, are avid sailors and scuba divers. One of their favorite dive destinations is the Belize barrier reef, just moments away from the village of San Pedro on the Island of Ambergris. This is the location where much of his ensuing sequel will unfold.


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