Experts, Physicists, Inventors, and Investors

Secotan: an alternative energy novel was influenced heavily by many of the exciting discoveries in progress today for sustainable and renewable alternative energy.

Below you will meet some of those who influenced Henry in his writing of this novel, Secotan, an alternative energy  novel.

Tesla the Forgotten Genius

Matt Simmons – Peak Oil

Matt Simmons – Peak Oil & Michigan

Matt Simmons – Oil & Gas the Next Meltdown

David Goodstein – Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil

David Goodstein – Alternative Energy Sources

David Goodstein – Peak Oil Dilemma in 30 Seconds – It’s that simple.

Will peak oil cause a recession or depression? Aaron Wissner

Tom Bearden – New Energy Series 1

Tom Bearden – Applied Scalar Wave Technology

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