Electric Cars

Electric cars may well be our transition from our dependence on the combustion engine and gasoline into water cars or other alternative vehicles. Leading the way in this transition is Tesla Motors with the first mass produced electric automobile. They’ve currently produced and rolled off the assembly line their 500th Roadster, a high end sports car. In 2011 they are going to be rolling out their Model S Sedan intended for the masses as a family vehicle.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Model S – First Mass Produced Electric Sedan


Financier, Warren Buffett‘s company, Berkshire Hathaway, has invested $230,000 million in the Chinese company BYD
who is producing the worlds first mass produced hybrid plug-in electric car company.

See video below.

Warren Buffett Invests $230,000,000 in Chinese Electric Car


The issue with a hybrid vs. an electric car is that with a hybrid you are still burdened with a combustion engine; an inefficient 100 year old design of a combustion engine that comes with costly parts, labor and maintenance. Hmm, is that a possible reason the US Automakers have not wanted us to go to more efficient or alternative vehicles?See the  movie links to “Who Killed the Electric Car” an eye opening documentary on the 1990 California Zero Emission Mandate to  bring an escalating percentage of electric vehicles to the market in their state. It chronicles a tale of automakers introducing new “leased” electric cars to meet the new regulations while at the same time fighting the law in the courts and succeeding in overturning it within a few years and recalling all “leased” electric automobiles against the wishes of owners and finally crushing these non-polluting, efficient vehicles in the dessert of the southwest.The movie can also be found on www.YouTube.com  – YouTube Who Killed the Electric Car?

Who Killed the Electric Car? ReThink Review

EV = Electric Vehicle

Never Aired EV commercial


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