Easter in Charleston with my family

Easter in Charleston with my family. … [Read More...]

Fracking for Natural Gas, Is It Energy Salvation or a Polluting Mirage?

Is natural gas the answer to the looming world energy crisis? Nuclear energy had become the darling alternative of environmentalist to coal and oil based energy until Fukushima. Turmoil in the … [Read More...]

Is the soon to be released Tesla all electric sedan worth its price?

The Tesla Model S is now scheduled to be available for delivery in 2012. The advertised price is $50,000. But reading the advertizing literature more closely, this price assumes a $7,500 tax credit. … [Read More...]

Should the United States risk another Deepwater Horizon oil spill?

On April 20, 2010, an oil and gas leak below Deepwater Horizon caused by human error resulted in an explosion that killed 11 people. Months later, oil was still spewing from the well dumping million s … [Read More...]

Oil Prices Skyrocketing

How high will the price of a barrel of oil go by year end? Oil demand in China, India and other developing countries is once again on the rise. The production of light sweet crude form Libya has … [Read More...]

Bloom Energy, Fad or Future?

Bloom Energy is producing an alternative to energy from the grid. Do you think it is a fad or the future? These companies are betting it is our future: Google Coca Cola Cal … [Read More...]

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